Celebs talk dirty south music at Hip-Hop Honors

    Music is the soundtrack to our lives and when it comes to partying, feeling good and high energy times there is no other music that captures those moments quite like the anthems of Southern hip-hop.  

    At the taping of “VH1 Hip-Hop Honors: Dirty South,” airing tonight at 9 p.m., celebrities reflected on their favorite Southern hip-hop songs and the moments in life those songs recalled.  Whether it was Brandy partying it up with her friends, Kid Rock getting in hot water with his parents or Juvenile feeling more confident than ever, they all have Southern hip-hop to thank for making those times just a bit more memorable.


    “’Southernplayalisticadillacfunkymuzik’ by Outkast.  It makes me think about a good point in my life. I had a Cadillac and money got right for me.  I had records out in New Orleans, so I was pretty successful on the local level and it was good for Juve.  That song was so different than anything else at the time.  It was a confidence booster.”

    Sylvia Rhone:

    “I love all the Outkast songs.  I like Luke and Cash Money.  I love it all.  I think it’s been very regional and we need more unity than what we have.  We need these artists that can really break through all the boundaries of regional, genre, age, race and color.  There are only a few artists like that.”
    Fatima Robinson:
    “I remember [Uncle] Luke’s ‘I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown),’ when I first started dancing.  It would get us crunk and hype on stage.  I always loved Juvenile and music like that.  It recalls when I first started dancing with Bobby Brown.  A lot of the music has a bounce with dances already built into them.  So it’s very influential to hip-hop today.  I got a lot of dances from the South this year because of that.  It’s fun high energy music like aerobics on crack.”
    Kid Rock: 
    “2 Live Crew’s ‘Throw the D.’ It reminds me of my mom catching me listening to it and washing my mouth out with soap.”
    Juvenile’s “Back that Azz Up.”  It recalls when I was backing my ass up and partying.

    Bun B:
    “‘International Player’s Anthem (I Choose You),’ by UGK featuring Outkast.  It got me nominated for a Grammy, my album debuted at album number one on the Billboard 200 and it’s the biggest crowning achievement of my career.”

    Bryan Michael Cox:

    “I would say U.N.L.V.’s ‘Bad Ass Yellow Boy.’ It reminds me of old school, going to college parties even though I was too young.  This was the biggest record in Houston, Texas, and the whole crowd would go crazy going to Houston parties.”


    “T.I.’s ‘What You Know.’ It recalls the time when I loved partying with my friends.  When that came on it was like, ‘Oh, my God!’”



    — Souleo




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