Gary Coleman’s conflicting wills

    There’s some dispute over which version of Gary Coleman’s will is really his last one.

    According to E! News there may be three drafts of the actor’s will in existence, but neither of them has been filed.  

    Utah attorney Kent Alderman has a will from 1999 that names Gary’s former manager, Dion Mial, as the executor of his estate. However, Todd Bridges claims to have a secret will that was allegedly written in 2007. And there’s a handwritten will from 2009, which pegs the actor’s ex-wife as his sole beneficiary.

    Of the three wills, the one from 1999 is much closer to being filed as Kent claims he’ll submit the document to the courts sometime this week.  Dion and the lawyer claim that their version of the will is the only one that will hold up in court.

    Dion didn’t bother commenting on the document from 2007. When asked about the will from 2009, he told, "That will be declared null and void. Certain criteria needs to be valid under Utah State statutory law and that will did not meet it, so it is null and void."

    The criteria that Dion’s referring to is Gary and Shannon’s marital status and the nature of their relationship when “Diff’rent Stokes” star died. Dion contends that because Gary and Shannon were divorced, she is no longer eligible to inherit anything from the actor.

    Although Shannon claims that she and Gary we planning to get remarried, which would have reactivated the codicil, they never made back it down the aisle. And Dion is backing his argument with the fact that Shannon has tried to sell pictures of Gary on his deathbed. 

    He calls her actions, and media tour, an “ongoing desperate attempts to profit from the mysterious death of her ‘beloved husband.’"



    — Sonya Eskridge




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