Gregg Leakes quiets LargeFM 

    Gregg Leakes is furious over a radio interview that made its way around the Internet last week, and he wants it taken off the air.

    When Gregg spoke to Corey King of last week he didn’t know he was being recorded and that his statements were being broadcasted. During the chat, he spoke about how he plans to divorce Nene Leakes of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
    “While Mr. King touted an ‘exclusive interview’, the taped recording was obtained by fraud and deception,” Gregg’s rep, Mahogany Jones, said in a statement. “Mr. Leakes was under the impression that he was simply confiding in a friend after an argument with his wife.”

    Instead, Gregg was shocked to find that his conversation had gone public in a big way. And his quote on seeking spousal support from Nene was the focus of many media reports. He stated that because he spent so much money to ensure her success on the show, he wanted a return on that investment. 

    People have been gossiping about trouble in the Leakes’ marriage for weeks, so when this explosive call came out it took Black entertainment blogs by storm.

    “It is not a secret to anyone that Mr. and Mrs. Leakes are facing marital challenges, a situation common to many couples,” Mahogany’s statement added. “However, there is no doubt that Mr. King’s intentions were dishonorable, hateful, and inexcusable.  His deceptive act was committed without any regard to Mr. or Mrs. Leakes.”

    Gregg has now issued a cease and desist letter to LargeFM, and he plans to sue if the online radio station makes any more reference to the interview. In the meantime, the reality star is doing a little damage control in his home.

    “Mr. Leakes has apologized privately to his wife and he offers a sincere apology to the others mentioned in the audio,” Mahogany said. “Any further discussion of the matter should be amongst Mr. Leakes and those individuals, privately.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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