Wedding still on for T.I. and Tiny 

    We heard that rumors about T.I. ditching Tiny for Hoopz from “Flavor of Love” are false.

    Last week there were whispers that T.I. had put plans to marry his long-time fiancée on hold until he gets his career back on track. Rumors of infidelity were fueled by the fact that Tiny was nowhere to be seen during Tip’s appearance on “The Mo’Nique Show,” while a quick pan of the crowd showed Hoopz front-and-center. There were also reports that the reality star popped up at a party he hosted in late May.

    However, S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown found out from sources close to Tip and Tiny that the couple was actually together in New York when the rumors began circulating! Since last week, the rock solid couple has even taken a mini-vacay together.

    We heard that Tiny accompanied T.I. to Paris, where they visited the Remy distillery.  And we’re sure they’re probably taking in some of the other attractions that the world’s most romantic city has to offer.



    – Sonya Eskridge 




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