Jesse Williams locks ‘Grey’s’ gig


    Jesse Wiliams has landed himself a permanent position on ABC’s doctor drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

    Show creator Shonda Rhimes told Entertainment Weekly that she’d like Jesse to take up residency at Seattle Grace as Dr. Jackson Avery. We think that’s a good look for the 28-year-old actor!

    "April and Jackson have really been folded into the group,” Shonda said, also referring to another “Grey’s” newcomer, Sarah Drew. “It’ll depend on what the studio and the network decide to do with those actors, but I fully advocate to have them [stick around].”

    BV Buzz reports that the network has sided with Shonda, so Jesse will be sticking around.

    This news comes weeks earlier that Jesse thought. The actor thought he wouldn’t know anything until July 10 at the earliest.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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