Atlanta gets a taste of the fast life

    S2S was literally “on deck” at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for its first FastLife Friday celebration.







    S2S was literally “on deck” at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for its first FastLife Friday celebration.

    “It’s where motor sports meets music, fashion and technology,” said Michael Mauldin of his new venture, FastLife 360, with the Urban Speed Association. “The difference with our event and others of similarity is that we have bonified Drag Races and we also have celebrities participating as well.”
    This year’s racers included several local celebrities like Yung Joc and the cast of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  

    After performing on stage in the sweltering 90-degree heat, Yung Joc and Kandi joined the other housewives and headed to the track for a quarter-mile drag race.  Kandi saddled up in a beautiful Mercedes with Kim Zolciak riding shotgun. She was pitted against her castmate Sheree Whitfield in the same make and model car.  It was a close call, but Sheree ate Kandi’s dust.  

    Yung Joc chose the 2010 SS Camero and when asked what his plan was to win, he smiled and said, “Hit the gas and go!” This was a close one, too, but Joc came out on top. 
    S2S had a chance to spend some time on the track with Yung Joc, kids in tow, and the Swagg Team, who also performed earlier.  You could feel the excitement in the air.  Joc explained earlier, “We as entertainers spend a lot of money to soup these cars up, but there’s nowhere to show them off.”  

    But which of his cars is Young Joc’s baby? That would be the ’65 Impala his father gave to him because they spent a lot of time working on it together. 

    Look out for more on FastLife 360 as well as Yung Joc in upcoming issues of Sister 2 Sister.  That’s where you can check out our pics and video to be up close and personal with the celebrities of FastLife Friday and to see some of the cars that were featured during the races.  




    – Stephanie Dayton




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