Shanell adds some “fusion” flava

    Young Money’s newest princess hits our eardrums with something different as her mixtape leaves her in a class of her own.
    Turning heads and taking names, this talented songstress can’t be missed, from the kick-butt vocals she provides on tracks such as Lil Wayne’s latest “Running,” to the dramatic visual picture she produces with her unique nose/ear piercing.
    Now, with her mixtape Shutup and Listen blasting on internet airwaves, Shanell, aka SnL, is really getting the recognition she’s been working towards for a long time.  
    “It sounds like an album. I’m really proud of it,” she told S2S. Based on the positive—make that enthusiastic—response that her current single “Other Side” has been getting via the web, we think she has ever right to be proud. 


    Talent runs in this sweet singer’s family though; her sister is former Danity Kane-member D. Woods. Shanell says there has always been some sibling rivalry, but says it’s definitely the “positive” kind. 

    “We’ve always competed, but it’s been healthy competition,” she said. “It’s made us stronger.”
    Shanell’s also a songwriter behind the scenes, putting pen to paper for big names such as Lil Wayne (naturally), Pink, Ne-Yo (who’s featured on “Other Side”), Kelis and Jennifer Hudson. So the transition, we’re sure, has been a smooth one!
    This girl has a little bit of rebel in her, as she refuses to have anyone put her in a certain musical category or genre. “I consider myself like a ‘fusion artist,’” she explained. “I never listened to one thing, so my music is not just one genre.”
    Her favorite song on her 12-song mixtape? “This song called ‘It’s the Beat’!” she said with a laugh. “I just like the way it feels. It’s an up-tempo song.” 
    Curious? Check out her sound



    — Ariana Gordon




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