Bow Wow gets around

In honor of Tupac’s birthday, Bow Wow has decided to pay tribute to the deceased lyricist by sampling one of his songs.

    Bow Wow leaked “I Get Around 2010” just in time for the fall hip-hop icon’s birthday.  Contrary to what the song’s title would suggest, this isn’t a straight rip of the West Coast classic.
    The new single has gotten mixed reviews so far. Some music fans are insulted by the fact that Bow Wow would even touch one of Tupac’s tracks, while others give Bow Wow respect for his flow.

    One thing most people agree about, though, is the unnecessary speech and reference to video model Kat Stacks in the intro. Just get to the darn song, Bow Wow! 

    Listen to “I Get Around 2010” below and tell us what you think.




    — Sonya Eskridge 




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