Preview: “The Ultimate Merger”

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    TV One is giving viewers a hint of what they’ve got lined up for Omarosa’s reality show.

    Omarosa is looking for real love on TV One with “The Ultimate Merger.” So far, the series seems to be a mix of “The Apprentice” and “The Bachelor.” We’ve been hearing about the show for months, but now we’re finally getting our first glimpse of the show and the 12 men vying for Omarosa’s heart.

    The crop of candidates was handpicked by Donald Trump, who presented their applications to Omarosa in a briefcase.  She’ll have a hard time picking Mr. Right from this gang of guys because each of them seems to their own unique appeal.

    Sidenote: Can someone please tell us why Al B. Sure is on the show?! Heck, if he needed to find a woman that bad, he could have gotten his own series on VH1. While we weigh the odds on how long he’ll last, you can watch a trailer for “The Ultimate Merger” below.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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    3 thoughts on “Preview: “The Ultimate Merger”

    1. This show is a joke…I am no hater..but these reality shows really need to stop filling our airwaves with nothing but sex, lies and money garbage. There are way more important things and vital things to this world. I understand people have a need to be seen, to make lots of money and to be famous, but please give me a break. When I turned on the television this evening and saw Rev. Jamal Bryant sitting at a table with Omarosa in a room full of guys who I believe would not look twice at her, made my stomach sick! Besides the fact that she looks like a drag queen, there is nothing appealing about her and her attitude is not one that a black man would put up with (not for a second). Sure go make your money, but stay off of reality television. And the networks really need to find some other way to entertain the public! I’m done watching television..this is way too much to stomach…and really, really Donald Trump and anyone I pose this question: What REAL MAN would get on a reality show to find a woman, show their emotions and sit around and befriend a bunch of other men with the hopes of landing one woman? NONE..only if they are getting paid! So in reality, take this reality show OFF the AIR!!! and Rev Dr Jamal…you should be ashamed of yourself!

    2. Singer Ray Lavender is currently on the TV Series Donald Trump’s The Ultimate Merger supposedly competing to win the heart of Omarosa. When really he is in a very committed relationship with popular urban model & socialite Soncerae “The Ultra Model”. Ray & Soncerae have been rumored to have been on and off lovers for 3 yrs. I, myself, saw the two together in Atlanta at an event memorial weekend. Rumor has it that Ray Lavender wins out of the 12 bachelors that are competing for Omarosa’s love. Sources say that The Ultimate Merger is just a publicity stunt to boost Ray Lavender’s dormant career. She also has romantic connections to R&B Singer Trey Songz & Vivica Fox’s new Fiance Atlanta Event Promoter Omar “Slim” White. Her & Trey dated last year for 6 months, her & Slim dated 3 months 2 years ago. Looks like Omarosa has some competition. We tried reaching out to Soncerae apparently her phone number has abruptly been changed according to her assistant Jai because of disrupting phone calls from one of Ray Lavender’s exs.

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