S2S tips for a slammin’ summer soiree 

    Looking to host a fabulous summer soiree? Lonise and Tonika Carey, co-founders of Island Destination Services, is the dynamic duo behind the premiere party for Why Did I Get Married, Too? As promised, we asked these party-savvy sisters to teach us some quick tips on how to put together a fun-in-the-sun function for you and your pals. Check out their amazing ideas: 
    Cool Venue – Choose a cool/air-conditioned space, something that will be comfortable for your guests. An open-aired venue, such as a garden, can be absolutely wonderful, but always be prepared for bad weather. Have a pavilion or indoor backup space available just in case. A little rain won’t stop your show! 

    Embrace Color
    – Vibrant colors are hot for summer. Incorporate bold color through you decor, food, and drinks. Crisp white with a punch of chartreuse can make for a memorable summer event. Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints, whether it be with fun cocktail napkins or multicolored serving platters. It’s the little touches that sometimes make the biggest impact on décor.
    Fresh Accents – Summer is the perfect time to find fresh produce. You can incorporate fresh fruit (citrus or tropical) as centerpieces on your tables, or accents on the bar. Fresh-cut tulips or sunflowers are easy to work with because their dramatic look in a simple vase can add some flair and give you (and your guests) that wonderful summer feeling.
    Fun Bites & Drinks – For a great summer event you need fresh and light food. This is the perfect time to try fusion recipes. Citrus sauces and Indonesian grilled flavors can add a ton of summer zest to your event. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your menu! Bring in the fresh flavors of the season with signature cocktails such as mango mojitos and colorful belinis.
    Music  – Consider live entertainment. A Latin band with congas, a Brazilian trio or a steel band may be what you need to set the mood on a hot summer night. If budget is an issue, hire a DJ or make a wonderful mixed playlist of world music on your ipod and let the good tunes roll. Have FUN; it’s summer!!!



    — Ariana Gordon




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