Fantasia teases ‘Bittersweet’

    Fantasia’s taking fans behind the scenes of her latest video “Bittersweet.”

    The Lenny Bass-directed clip seems to be take on Fantasia’s Derek Blanks photo shoot, which featured some serious style from the ’20s.

    “Things are going great, we’ve been getting some really beautiful stuff,” Lenny said during a break in shooting. “Some of the stuff we’re doing…I think people are really going to be surprised to see Fantasia in this type of environment.”

    Admittedly, we never seen Fannie looking this fabulous! But while the soulful singer looks like she’s got it together on the outside, she’s falling apart on the inside.

    “My guy—who is so, so hot—I just can’t get him off my mind no matter what I try to do,” Fantasia said, explaining the video’s plot. Thoughts of her lost love are distracting her from preparing for a big show. 


    Who’s this guy that’s got Fannie so twisted? Can she pull it together before the curtain goes up? Find out Friday, when the video for “Bittersweet” premieres. 

    And did we mention that you can now preview Fantasia’s whole album, Back to Me?
    Click here for a quick mix of all the tracks, including a rendition of “I’m Here” from The Color Purple and a bonus track called “Worst Part Is Over.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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