Broke rumors make Fat Joe laugh

    Fat Joe’s owes the IRS thousands of dollars? That’s news to him!
    Fat Joe told S2S that reports that he owes the IRS $139K caught him by surprise.

    “I rushed and called my accountant after I heard that in an interview and the Internet, and then my accountant was like, ‘Yo, my man, you’re perfectly perfect.’ Like, ‘F*%k you talking about?’ That’s when I realized I must be under the broke attack,” he said, laughing off the rumors.
    Joe’s finances were recently questioned when he put his Miami mansion on the market. “I got a crib in Miami that I live in, my wife wants to live near the beach. So, we’re selling it like normal human beings in the United States of America, and they’re trying to run with that. ‘Is he broke?’ No, n$@ga, I want to move,” he laughed.
    Joe said it’s all crazy to him. “You’ve got to be real tough to be a celebrity in 2010. You get hit with so much turbulence you can’t even anticipate.”

    As for his family, he says the rumors don’t affect them at all. “My kids are straight," he assured. "They live in mansions, they go to private schools. They know they’re alright.”
    Joe takes care of not just his wife and three kids, but he carries extended family members on his back as well. He takes the responsibility seriously.  “At the end of the day, I work like a slave. I work nonstop. Like, I work on Father’s Day, I work on Mother’s Day, I work on Christmas. I work to make sure my family’s great, you know. I take care of my mother, my father, my nephews, my nieces. I take care of a lot of people.”



    – Sabrina M. Parker




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