S2S Playlist: Michael Jackson

    S2S loves some Michael Jackson, so we’re celebrating his life by blasting his music in the office! 

    It’s hard for us to pick out most favorite MJ song, so we put together a playlist, starting with “The Way You Make Me Feel” This MJ tune puts a smile on our face and swagger in our step. “Always gets me dancing,” adds S2S Assistant Editor Ariana Gordon. If fellas took notes from this song, they’d be a lot more successful when trying to holler at us!


    S2S Editor-at-Large Sabrina M. Parker picked “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.” Sure it’s a catchy song, but it’s motivational in its own special way. “Words to live by and a beat that makes me want to dance every time,” she said. Perhaps it’s not the most advanced MJ video, but be real: you love watching it just because it’s so cheesy!


    When we think of Michael’s music, we can’t forget “Remember The Time”—not just because of the song itself, but the whole presentation was on point! “The video and the song went together so seamlessly that it seemed like the video was created first and then the song,” said Russell Brown, S2S business operations manager. “The choreography is still top ten of all time.”


    We can’t help but love “Smooth Criminal.” It’s hard to explain. Could it be the MJ’s gangsta lean in the video?  Is it the beat? While we think of all the reasons this track is just pure awesomeness, you can watch the video below.


    There’s no way we could make a Michael Jackson playlist and not include “Thriller.” ‘Nough said.

    Unfortunately, not all of our most beloved Michael Jackson songs, like “P.Y.T.,”  “ABC,” “Lady In My Life” and “Off the Wall,” have a video, but they definitely deserve an honorable mention.

    Rounding out our playlist is a user favorite, “You Rock My World,” the most contemporary MJ hit. Although we gave you guys a hard choice to make in our poll yesterday, 19 percent of you pegged this song as your top choice. And what’s not to love? “It’s a fun song and everyone knows the words,” said Tanisha Robinson, one of our Facebook fans.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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