Beyonce puts a ring on Heat

    Beyoncé must really like her fans since she’s puttin’ a ring on it for her Heat fragrance.
    The singer is keeping her line hot, and her customers looking hotter, by adding a solid perfume ring to the mix. Now fashionistas don’t have to bring their bottle of Heat everywhere they go if they want to keep their scent smelling fresh.

    The faux ruby and gold cocktail ring retails for $35 at
    Macy’s, and it comes with a stylish little bag. 

    Bey’s lucky she’s so marketable at the beauty counter, because Columbia Records is worried that a family feud could hurt her music career.  The
    New York Post reports that she’s not speaking to her with her father/manager Mathew Knowles.

    Supposedly the diva started giving her dad the silent treatment after a DNA test proved he fathered a son with a woman named Alexsandra Wright while he was still married to Bey’s mom Tina Knowles.

    A source told the Post, "Beyoncé was horrified to find out her dad cheated on her mom. She always looked up to him, and she is very close to her mom, so this has hit her really hard. She is refusing to speak to him, which is making things difficult where it comes to managing her career. “
    Mathew is still Beyoncé’s manager, but some at the label think it might be best for someone else to guide her career for now



    — Sonya Eskridge




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