El DeBarge debuts new song at BET Awards

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    El DeBarge had a surprise for fans at the BET Awards: He’s back with new music and a new attitude.







    El DeBarge had a surprise for fans at the BET Awards: He’s back with new music and a new attitude.

    The singer announced that he’s back in a big way at last night’s award ceremony by debuting the title track from his upcoming album. Second Chance will be his first album in 16 years, so the singer reminded the audience of who he is with a medley of his biggest hits, including “All This Love” and “Rhythm of the Night.”

 Our favorite part was his performance of "I Like It."
    Between Chris Brown’s emotional tribute to Michael Jackson and El’s comeback, redemption was definitely a theme of the night. “I’m very grateful to be back. It’s joyful, it’s scary, it’s all of that,” El said in a press release. “I want the world to know that tomorrow is full of second chances, and all your fears should be left behind you.”

    People want to know what the former DeBarge frontman has been up to since he left the spotlight all those years ago, and “Second Chance” should answer some fans’ questions.

    “I wrote ‘Second Chance’ to commemorate all the struggles I went through,” he revealed, “and I feel it speaks to struggles in the souls and the hearts of people who are going through what I went through and who want a second chance.”

    He added, “I lost a lot of time, I lost a lot of good friends, but I’m back, though there were some serious consequences. You don’t want to go down that road. You don’t need to experiment with drugs. Some people say that experience is the best teacher, but you don’t need to experience that. Just learn from my mistakes.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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