We score Omarosa’s possible mergers



    by Souleo

    The business of love and marriage is full of competition, shady deals, rejection and cutthroat behavior that can break your heart and your pockets too.  

    On the new TV One reality series, “Donald J. Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger,” reality show queen and former “The Apprentice” cast member, Omarosa puts 12 successful bachelors through the ringer to see which one has the business sense, confidence and heart to be her husband.  

    S2S conducted a background check on all 12 of the contestants to peep their professional credentials, relationship history, true intentions and the one thing that gives each of them an edge over the competition.  We even brought 4 of the top bachelors in for additional questioning including: recording artist Ray, Christian rapper Eddy, foreign currency trader, Charles and R&B veteran, Al B. Sure!  
    Read on for our love credit reports to find out which man is probably better off being friends with Omarosa, the one we’re not sure can keep his jealousy in check, the man who may give Omarosa a run for her money and more. 

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