We score Omarosa’s possible mergers

    Love Credit Report: Javis, 34, Jersey City, NJ/Atlanta, GA
    Professional Background:
    Javis wasn’t born on a bed of money, so he had to work his way from the depths of poverty to become a successful entrepreneur.  He now has a new media company and several properties in Atlanta, New Jersey and New York City. We can practically feel Omarosa’s eyes piercing him with a look of approval.
    Love Background:
    Javis’ last relationship ended because he chose focusing on his career over getting married. If he’s not able to balance the two now, then that will surely be a problem for Omarosa, who refuses to be second on any man’s list.
    Projected ROI with Omarosa:
    He loves a good challenge from a successful and headstrong woman and knows that Omarosa can give it like no other.  Since that’s his preference, we’re pretty sure he can handle the heat.
    Competitive Advantage:
    Growing up poor has motivated him to do whatever it takes to win.  With such a competitive nature, we know that he won’t be going down without a fight to the end.
    Grade:  B

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