We score Omarosa’s possible mergers

    Love Credit Report: Lyle, 36, Bowie, MD/New Bedford, MA
    Professional Background:
    In the business field it’s all about the right credentials.  With Lyle’s bachelor’s degree in economics from the Ivy League institution, Columbia University and law school studies at, Georgetown University he is a certified contestant. 
    Love Background:
    Projected ROI with Omarosa:
    Lyle wants a woman who can drop it low in the club and seal the deal in the boardroom.  With Omarosa’s ability to adapt to any situation with effortless charm we think he’s found his dream woman.
    Competitive Advantage:
    Yeah, we’re tired of the word too but how else can we define Lyle’s uhm, swagger?  It’s his charisma and self-assurance that is likely to have Omarosa keeping her eye on him.
    Grade:  C+

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