We score Omarosa’s possible mergers

    Love Credit Report: Sterling, 42, Marin County, CA/Los Angeles, CA

    Professional Background:
    Sterling has made a name for himself as a savvy fashion entrepreneur with his trademarked clothing line, AFAR, Inc.  The line is carried in exclusive stores such as Fred Siegel and Kitson and can be found internationally in Tokyo and Dubai.  He even has a creative side as a singer-songwriter and producer.
    Love Background:
    All we know is that his longest relationship lasted three years but the details surrounding the split are being kept under wraps which is a little suspect for us.
    Projected ROI with Omarosa:
    Competitive Advantage:
    If he is as focused on Omarosa as he is with his business we think he has a chance of making it to the finals.
    Grade:  F

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