We score Omarosa’s possible mergers

    Love Credit Report: Ray, 33, Monroe, Louisiana/Atlanta

    Professional Background:

    Omarosa loves an ambitious man, and by the looks of it, Ray is certainly getting his grind on with the assistance of some friends in high places.  Ray is an R&B/pop artist signed to superstar, Akon’s KonLive Records, he’s worked with hit producer Teddy Riley and the group Blackstreet, And Ray’s had a successful single entitled “Girl Gotta Girlfriend.”   

    Love Background:

    Ambition is one thing, but not having time for a romantic life is a whole other issue.  Based on the way his last relationship ended, we’re not sure Ray is going to be able to balance Omarosa with the other woman in his life: his music.
    “My last relationship was a year and a half ago.  It ended because of my career,” Ray admitted. “I put it ahead of people.  Sometimes it’s not on purpose, but I’m a workaholic.  I’m continuously working on it ’cause there’s a place I want to be in my career and I’m not there yet.”
    Projected ROI with Omarosa:
    Ray seems genuinely intrigued by the allure of Omarosa, and he’s open to the possibilities wherever they may lead. These are all good signs since we all know how suspect some of these reality show contestants can be these days.  As Ray tells it, there was an attraction at first sight. 
    “I saw this tall, attractive, brown-skinned lady, and soon as I saw that, I was ready to go,” Ray told S2S. “Then  when I found out she worked under the Bill Clinton administration I knew she was a smart lady. So when I saw this lady that wanted to be loved that shocked the hell out of me.” 

    Competitive Advantage:

    To handle Omarosa and the competition of 11 other bachelors, you have got to be willing to put up a fight (figuratively and, um, literally if it comes down to it).  That doesn’t seem to be an issue for Ray as he recounted a tale of dealing with the jealous ex-boyfriend of a former flame.   
    “I was dating this girl and there was a hard knock at the door.  She looks at me and says that’s her crazy baby daddy who still wants her,” Ray recalled. “So I had to confront this guy and we got into a scuffle.  So I have no problem dealing with jealousy ‘cause I been competitive all my life.”
    Grade:  C

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