We score Omarosa’s possible mergers

    Love Credit Report: Charles, 43, Washington, D.C.
    Professional Background:
    Ching-ching!  Charles is a high-powered foreign currency trader presently working on a top secret new project that is likely to bring in the dough.  With his business skills, command of technology and worldly outlook, he may be the show’s closest fit to Donald Trump, and we all know how much Omarosa admires Mr. Trump.
    Love Background:
    Omarosa and Charles previously dated before they parted due to scheduling conflicts.  Apparently Charles still has strong feelings for Omarosa, but their history may be too much for him to handle in the show’s competitive environment.
    “I have a sweet spot for Omarosa in my heart, and it does put you on alert to know that she would see other guys,” Charles admitted. “I wanted to go and grab her, but I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t comfortable, and I’ve never been in that position before.”
    Projected ROI with Omarosa:
    Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and when it’s back you do all you can to keep it.  Charles may have let Omarosa go in the past but this time around he is strongly determined to give it one more definitive try. 
    “I learned you have to seize the moment and either take advantage of the situation or don’t,” he explained. “So for the second time I thought it was a chance we could reconnect. We had serious chemistry and this is my window of opportunity to see what could happen.” 
    Competitive Advantage:
    Charles has a history of dealing with dramatic women, which if you know a thing or two about Omarosa, is a plus. Charles once dated a suicidal woman and saved her life; it undoubtedly proves that he can handle the emotional highs and lows of Omarosa and his competitors. 
    “I was at a rooftop restaurant with this lady who was down about her job,” Charles recalled. “She said she wanted to kill herself and was serious. She walked to the edge about to jump over.  I got her far away from the edge and we left. Those types of experiences helped me with the show’s high emotions.”
    Grade:  B

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