We score Omarosa’s possible mergers

    Love Credit Report: C.J., 28, Los Angeles, CA
    Professional Background:
    He is not as established as the other men, and that may be one of his downsides since the more accomplished men are likely to make a better first impression on Omarosa.  Still, with Omarosa’s own climb to the top, we believe that she can recognize and respect the motivation in this aspiring self-help guru and writer.
    Love Background:
    As a divorcee with two daughters, C.J. brings some baggage to the table and we all know a diva like Omarosa travels light. Let’s hope for C.J.’s sake that Omarosa’s maternal instincts are kicking in and that she won’t be afraid of taking on some motherly duties.  
    Projected ROI with Omarosa:
    We heard that he’s into Omarosa because he’s attracted to strong, older women and a good challenge.  We know that Omarosa is all of the above, and with C.J.’s confidence, he just may be able to handle all she has to offer.
    Competitive Advantage:
    They both share a common love, and that’s Mr. Trump.  C.J. lives by Donald’s quote, “Be true to self and be true to God.”  So long as C.J. matches the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of Donald, we think Omarosa will stay invested to see where it all leads.  
    Grade:  D

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