Dawn Richard holds manga for August

    Dawn Richard has pushed back the print release of her new manga Danity Kane, but iPhone users are in luck!

    Don’t get it twisted: Danity Kane has been Dawn’s baby since grade school when her art teacher asked the class to create their alter ego. “For some reason, mine had red hair and brown skin,” Dawn recalled.

    One American-style comic and a chart-topping girl group later, Danity Kane has become a Manga. When we found out that Dawn was releasing this project in June, we flipped! We were checking our local bookstores like crazy searching for Danity Kane, but to no avail.

    It turns out that Dawn and her camp decided it would be best to hold off on releasing the book until after making the rounds at Anime Expo and Comic Con. EigoMANGA, the company producing the comic, wasn’t sure if manga fans were really ready for Danity Kane.

    “We’re not a Japanese-owned company, we’re an African-American based company,” Dawn explained to S2S. “We’re not the typical [players] in the manga world, so we wanted to make sure we had some strength to go on.”

    Dawn didn’t have anything to worry about, though. By all accounts, Danity Kane received a very warm welcome. While we’re disappointed that we can’t get our hands on a hard copy of the manga just yet, iPhone and iPad users can actually download it to their device.

    When Danity Kane hits stores next month, though, it will be the first of a three-part series. Although, the last issue won’t come out until sometime next spring, Dawn is already thinking about the future of her heroine.

    “We’re already in the talks in the works of getting it to an animated series,” Dawn told S2S, adding that she’d even like to see Danity Kane spawn a video game someday. “That’s the dream.”

    Once Danity Kane makes it to the small screen, viewers will recognize a familiar voice playing in the background.  The Dirty Money Crew member told us that she’s formed another group called The Bang Bang Theory, which she leads, to create a soundtrack for Danity Kane. Should the manga be optioned into an anime, then their music would provide the soundtrack for the show as well.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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