Tyler Perry speaks on ‘Boondocks’ brouhaha

    Tyler Perry has addressed the controversy between him and "The Boondocks" creator Aaron McGruder.







    Recently, at the Essence Music Festival movie mogul Tyler Perry addressed the controversy between him and Aaron McGruder, the creator of "The Boondocks."
    A couple weeks back, Adult Swim aired an episode of "The Boondocks," titled "Pause," that lampooned Tyler and his whole production company as an elaborate cult-like scheme to sleep with men. In the episode, a character named Winston Jerome hires Granddad to be the leading man in his latest play about a Madea-esque character named Ma Dukes.
    Shortly after "Pause" aired, rumors that Tyler had fired his whole staff and was planning to  sue Aaron. Up until now, Tyler had remained to ignore gossip surrounding the controversial episode. He recently broke his silence in an interview with StraightFromTheA.com, stating, "Just like the Spike Lee situation, I feel that ‘no response’ is the best response. I’m just gonna leave it at that."
    "But I will tell you this…there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I’m suing ‘The Boondocks.’ Those are all lies," Tyler continued. "I’m not suing anybody over that. And I haven’t fired anyone because of that show, either. I don’t know where all that came from."
    What a professional way to fight back!



    – Breyana Kelly and Sonya Eskridge




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