Drake booted from ‘GMA’ stage

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    Drake may be too famous for his own good.
    The chart-topping rapper is not having much luck with performing for fans. Drake was scheduled to perform a free concert for"Good Morning America" summer concert series, but due to low security coverage the event was cancelled.
    This is not the first time that Drake’s show had to be cancelled because of security reasons. Back in June, Drake’s free concert at South Street Seaport was abruptly stopped after 25,000 unruly fans who showed up to hear the rap sensation. The crowd got really rowdy and tossed chairs, bottles and flowerpots, the New York Daily News reports.



    – Breyana Kelly




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    One thought on “Drake booted from ‘GMA’ stage

    1. I’m sorry I’m 54 yrs old and I love me some Drake. I played his CD over and over and over. some singers only make 1 oe 2 good songs on there CD. Drake CD. every song is GREAT. he reminds me so much of Beyonce. they get theres and they dont need a crowd. I upset that Good Morning American cancel his show. he cant help it, thats hes that good. Drake I might be old. but I love your music. and dont worry about what little Kim said about you. of course we know she is jealous. the only time she was about something was when Biggie was living. after that. NOTHING. then I watched her on Dancing with Stars, and she try to make herself look white. that shows that she is not happy about her skin color. she have to realize everyone have to step back for the new generation, what have her and Ray J made. thats why Ray J have to do a reality show. when they do reality show or go on Dancing with the Stars they are broke. Kim last ston was lighters up, what a joke. Kim is washed up an she is trying to find her indenity, that why she is so jealous of NIcka M. Nicka dont owe her nothing. she was out before Beyonce and she didnt tell Beyonce know Sh&t like like. Kim is through. Nicki dont owe her no respect. who would want to pay a hooker any respect.

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