Chillin’ with the Williams at Wimbledon

    Day 1
    What’s going on, people,
    Guess what, I am in London for Wimbledon with Venus and Serena Williams, who are ranked #1 and #2 in the world! This is my first “official” day here, and I am proud to tell you all with no shame that I am here to cheer on my two best friends. I am a huge fan of tennis and, yes, I play tennis thanks to them, so I am also here to get some pointers.
    I must admit that I am a bit jet lagged from my long, long, long (you get the point), long flight and the noisy toddlers that were sitting next to me on the plane, which did not make sleeping much of an option or comfortable. (LOL)
    Anyway, I can’t believe that I am actually, HERE! Let the fun begin, I have to get up early tomorrow morning to attend Serena’s match so I am going to take it easy tonight. But, first I am going to meet up with my teammate, Fred Evans and get some rest so that I can adjust to the time difference!



    Day 2
    Hey Sister 2 Sister,
    I am thrilled to let you all know that I slept like a “BEAR” and I do mean literally! (LOL)  
    I woke to impressive room service, the local paper and incredible weather, which was not too hot or cold. I am staying at the Kensington Hotel in South London and it is amazing. My teammate Fred, publicist Krystal, and assistant Shaq are also staying in the Kensington Hotel as well. We are right in the center of everything, which means there are tons of shops, eateries and “pubs” located conveniently on the same street as the hotel.
    Last night, I decided to eat at an Italian Bistro. My friends and I actually sat next to some people that are from Chicago and New York, who happen to be football fans. They assumed from my size that I played a sport in the United States and they were right, indeed. (LOL) 

    We chatted with them and they recommended what was the best selection on the menu for dinner and they were right again. They were extremely nice and helpful. Instantly, they became my new found “international homies” until they admitted to being Chicago Bears fans! (LOL)
    At dinner, I tried “cook sardines” and for desert I had duck with plum sauce. Yes, I said the same thing that you are saying right now, “DUCK?!” I know this may sound disgusting but it was pretty tasty. After dinner, we decided to stop by a local Pub, where I met up with Isha and Lyn (Venus and Serena’s sisters). We chilled there for a while and then went our separate ways.
    I can honestly say that my first two days in London are going “GRAND” so far.

    – Bryant McKinnie

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