EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent reunites with Olivia

    Olivia and 50 Cent have squashed their beef, and they’re ready to work together again!

    After Olivia’s unceremonious departure from G-Unit, rumors flew around that her and 50 Cent were no longer on speaking terms. There were whisperts that 50 Cent felt like his alleged $2 million-investment in her was a failure, and no one thought that they’d ever speak again, let alone work together.  

    Well, think again! Olivia exclusively revealed to S2S that just this past Friday she and 50 Cent met to address the rumors and discuss once again collaborating on some projects. 
    “We wanted to go up there and confront him about certain rumors like, ‘Did you say x, y, and z?,’” she told S2S. “I’m glad we had this meeting and that he wanted to do it to clear everything up. I’m happy we came to a close and that we’re good like we were before.  That’s what I needed.”
    According to her manager, Richie Dollaz, now that the two have cleared the air, we can expect Olivia and 50 to be working together on various projects.
    “He loves Olivia and he’s gonna help her out with some magazines and fragrances and stuff like that that he has his hands in,” Richie said.
    However, one collaboration that we won’t get immediately from 50 Cent and Olivia is music. 
    “I don’t know about right now,” Olive admitted. “I’m sure we probably will, but I’d rather focus on my rebranding. I want people to just see Olivia. That’s why I did the album with no features. I want to show I can stand on my own two feet.”
    As she prepares for her comeback with her forthcoming release, Show the World, Olivia is certainly standing on her own two feet; but it sure doesn’t hurt to now have 50 Cent once again in her corner.



    – Souleo




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