Pharrell creates ‘Despicable’ soundtrack


    Pharrell Williams has left his mark on another film this summer with Despicable Me.

    The super producer already made a hilarious cameo in Get Him to the Greek, but for the animated feature, his role isn’t as obvious. Instead of voicing a character for Despicable Me, he helped move the story along by working on the film’s score.

    Pharrell told us that he got the gig through a hook-up after Kathy Nelson told him she was working on the film. When Pharrell heard that, he knew had a foot in the door for Despicable Me.

    “I asked for the opportunity and they said they’d give me a shot, and it just turned out to be great,” Pharrell said. “I was thankful for the opportunity.”


    While Pharrell did share his swag on the film’s title track, much of his work was under Hans Zimmer, who taught him how to use music to enhance a scene.
    “I think more than anything else I tried to allow the themes to speak to me and tell me where to go and what should be happening,” Pharrell explained.
    We found out that his favorite example of that principle is the rollercoaster scene in Despicable Me, where Gru is convinced to go on a thrill ride. “The way that the music sort of explains itself in there is an amazing feeling” said Pharrell.

    To see (and hear) what he’s talking about, check out Despicable Me, in theaters now.





    – Sonya Eskridge
       Reporting by Ericka Boston




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