Ne-Yo teases “Beautiful Monster”

    Ne-Yo is taking fans behind the scenes of two new videos that will start to tell the tale of Libra Scale.

    If you haven’t heard by now, Ne-Yo is trying to tell a story with his next album, and he’s illustrating it with music videos for “Beautiful Monster” and “Champagne Life.”
    The Gentleman recently posted a clip of what was happening on set during his marathon video shoot. He said they tried to do “Beautiful Monster” and “Champagne Life” over the course of two or three days. That’s a lot of hard work for a man wearing a three-piece suit. Go ‘head, Ne-Yo!

    From what we see in the video below, his beautiful monster can blow men away with just a look. Wonder what kind of mascara she uses to get that effect.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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