Dondria opens for Trey, Monica

    R&B newcomer Dondria has her first major stage gig as the opening act for Monica and Trey Songz’ new tour.

    The “You’re the One” singer will be heading out on the road with the crooners for their Passion, Pain & Pleasure tour, starting August 7 at the Nokia Theater in Dallas.

    This will be the self-proclaimed budding artist’s first time on the road job, so she’s getting lots of congratulations. But has anyone given her words of wisdom about life on tour?
    “Not yet, I’m waiting on some,” Dondria said with a laugh. “I’ll probably get them from Trey or Monica, I’m sure.”

    Dondria can say that with some confidence, at least on Trey’s part. “I call him my big brother. Like, we’re cool.” That connection, her obvious talent aside, had a lot to do with her booking a gig that most new artists would die for.

    “He’s always looked out for me,” Dondria explained to S2S. “I met his [manager] Kevin Lyles not too long ago, and I know he was saying, ‘We want to do stuff for you.’ So, I guess, it was a joint thing. They both kind of helped me get on this.”

    Her performance style will fit right in on the Passion, Pain & Pleasure tour. Dondria tells us that she lets her talent speak for itself while serving up lots of personality.
    “I don’t dance, and it’s not that I don’t want to or I can’t,” Dondria said. “I’m a budding Whitney [Houston] or Mariah [Carey] in terms of image, so I’m really just gonna sing for y’all.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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