Monica’s man drama

    Monica has unveiled the video for “Love All Over Me,” but it’s missing an ending. 

    In “Love All Over Me,” it’s been 15 years since Monica’s seen her first love Maino, who got locked up in 1995. Before he went away, he told Mo to move on with her life and career, but she swore she’d wait.

    Fast forward to 2010. Monica’s got a new man, Shannon Brown of the Lakers, who she’s getting ready to marry.  Things seem to be going swimmingly until Maino shows up at her doorstep. The surprise visit knocks the singer for a loop, and she starts remembering old time and questioning which path to take into her future.
    This seems like a no-brainer to S2S, and we already cast our vote. Now, it’s your turn. If you want Monica to stick with her new man, text NEWLOVE to 66937.  If you think she should go back to Maino, text OLDLOVE to 66937.





    – Sonya Eskridge




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