Tionna Smalls fashions lingerie line

    Tionna Smalls is on a mission to help thick girls get sexy with her intimate apparel.
    The love guru from “What Chilli Wants,” is looking to parlay her celebrity into a lingerie collection. It’s an idea she’s had for years but never had the time to develop. Now that she’s got a little more notoriety, Tionna has decided to move forward with the venture.
    “It’s going to take a little while to get developed because it’s not as easy as it seems, but I’m going to do it,” Tionna told S2S. “It’s going to be brand. I’m working on it.”

    Creating the pieces will be easy for Tionna, who describes herself as TV’s spokeswoman for thick girls, because she already spices up the bras in her dresser.

    “I like to add jewels and ribbons to my existing bras, my plain bras,” she explained. “I want to do, like, little shorts, the shorts—everything for the thicker girl that can’t find anything.”
    Tionna added, “[It’s] just straight diva apparel. It’s going to be so sexy.” She’s already got a couple eye-catching ideas in mind, too.

    “Sequined bras,” Tionna revealed to S2S. “I love sequins. When you want to just come in the room and light up the whole room, sequins will do that.  I’m [also] talking see through bras.”

    Ideally, the products wouldn’t cost more than $70 a piece because the Girl Get Your Mind Right author wants to give customers a lot of bang for their buck. She’s confident the pieces will sell very well, but where could you potentially pick up something sexy from Tionna?
    “Definitely Ashley Stewart. I’ll give them the first dibs,” Tionna told us while describing where she’d like her garments to be sold. “I’ll give them the first crack it. If they don’t bite, that’s another story.”

    While her as-yet untitled lingerie line is in development, though, Tionna will be prepping to release her next book under her new deal with HarperCollins. She told S2S exclusively that Girl, Get Your Mind Right: The Tell-Like-It-Is Advice Your Love Life Has Been Missing will be out in December. 

    “It’s a whole new book,” Tionna told S2S exclusively, explaining that it’s not just a reprint of the original book that put her on the map. “I took a few things from the old one, but it’s more diverse now. It’s less of a rant now. …It has a whole different voice now.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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