Aaron keeps it Fresh 

    Aaron Fresh is bringing something new to the music industry with his unique island-infused sound.

    No, he’s not the male version of Rihanna or a Sean Paul pretender. Aaron, who hails from Trinidad, hopes to add something slightly different with his upcoming debut Freshen Up.
    “It’s kind of a pun,” Aaron said, pointing out that the title is more than a play on his name.  “I think the industry needs to freshen up the music right now.”  

    Where Aaron feels that many artists are very rigid in their style and genre, he wants to be a little more versatile with his music. 

    “I want to be that guy who is unknown,” he told S2S. “You’ll hear a Trinidadian song one day. You’ll hear me singing with a dub voice one day and putting a twist of R&B on it.  Then one day you hear me rapping, then one day you hear me singing.”
    Aaron even said he might throw a little dancehall in the mix just to keep fans guessing! With “Spending All My Time” and “Dirty Girl,” it’s clear he’s got no problem switching it up, though.  We’re sure that anyone who can go from a sugary sweet pop track to a dirty dance track has more hot surprises in store.

    So what’s he going to hit us with next? It’s (kind of) top secret. “My manager hit me up the other day, and we think we have the sickest single of 2010 from Rodney Jerkins,” Aaron said.

    Also being kept under wrap is the drop date for Freshen Up, but Aaron assures that it will probably be coming out sometime next month. 



    — Sonya Eskridge




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