Beyoncé gets pulled over

    Being the world’s most fabulous pop star didn’t keep Beyoncé from getting in trouble with one of New York’s finest.

    Star magazine reports that Bey was pulled over late last month after NYPD caught her texting while driving.
    “Beyoncé was really embarrassed because she only recently got her driver’s license,” a source said of the June 23 incident.
    So, to avoid getting any bad marks on her driving record, Bey did what a lot of women do.
    “She tried to charm that cop and told him she had no idea that texting while driving was against the law,” the insider said. But it seems the singer may be losing her touch. “He had no idea who she was. He just slapped her with the ticket, which was worth more than $100!”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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