Dru Hill drops back into spotlight

    It’s been a decade since Dru Hill released an album, but they’re back and it seems like they haven’t missed a step.

    The guys are back together with one lineup change; new member Tao has replaced Woody. Other than that, the quartet has gotten right back into the old routine.

    “It’s just like getting up in the morning and putting on your clothes, you know? We’ve been doing it for so long now that we just fall in,” said Nokio. “[It’s] great to hear the response from the fans and [we’re] just happy to be here.”

    Anyone that remembers a Dru Hill show knows that it’s high-energy. While most of the members could handle that pace pretty easily, Jazz really had to work to keep up.
    “You already know they run around like busy bees. They’re, like, ‘Come on. Come on.’ And I be like, ‘[groans] Aw, here we go. All the skinny boys,’” said Jazz. “But, hey, I represent for the big fellas, and I’m getting [it] together, you know.”   
    Eventually, all the guys helped get Jazz back in performance shape. Of course a few encouraging words from another R&B teddy bear helped a lot, too.

    Gerald [Levert] told me always look right,” Jazz recalled. “He said, ‘When you go onstage with them cats, just make sure you’re right.’”
    After so many years away from the music game, though, many wonder if Dru Hill still has what it takes to compete with today’s A-list acts. 

    “It’s like starting all over again. It’s a new day and age. It’s a new era,” lead singer Sisqo admits. “You know, what we do I believe is a lot different than what’s currently in the music industry.” 

    He adds however that he feels Dru Hill’s music has stood the test of time. “I don’t think it can ever go outta style,” said Sisqo. “They still play our old music and they still play, you know, classic music. So, I guess, [we’re] like the new classic.” 

    Sounds like Sisqo’s confident that Dru Hill can still compete. Find out out if he’s right when their next album, InDRUpendence Day, hits stores on July 27.



    – Sonya Eskridge
        Reporting by Donya Blaze




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