Deitrick Haddon releases ‘Blessed’ DVD

     Gospel singer Deitrick Haddon is doing his best Tyler Perry impression with his upcoming movie Blessed & Cursed
    The Grammy-nominated artist is getting ready to release the film, which he wrote and stars in, on DVD next week.  

    Deitrick plays lead character Dwight Hawins, a young man who takes up a high-ranking position as the minister of music at one of the nation’s most prestigious churches. Soon he becomes the target of the bishop’s jealousy as the older church official begins an underhanded campaign against him.

    The inspiration for Blessed & Cursed came while Deitrick was preparing a sermon about the story of David and Saul. “As I was studying the dynamic of that relationship, that’s how this story was birthed,” Dietrick explained.

    The writer-actor said that he tried to stay true to the type of drama that really goes on in churches. 

    “I think that’s what people will really appreciate about this film, that it’s really transparent, “ Deitrick said. “It’s real to what happens in church. It shows church politics and the way people really are.”

    “It’s doesn’t shed a bad light on the church,” he’s quick to point out, though. “It shows our humanity.” 

    Deitrick hopes that the honesty in Blessed & Cursed will bring people who have strayed from the church back to the flock. Of course, casting Sheryl Lee Ralph and Drew Sidora in the film helps too.

    Pick up your copy of Blessed & Cursed when it hits stores on July 27. 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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