Michael Ealy gets ‘Good Wife’

    Michael Ealy has just been named the new partner for the second season of “The Good Wife.”
    According to Entertainment Weekly Michael Ealy is joining the cast of the CBS show “The Good Wife” as Derrick Bond. He’ll be on at least 10 episodes for the second season.
    Reportedly Michael will be playing the head of the Washington, D.C., firm that is merging with the show’s fictional Lockhart & Gardner. Derrick is described as a casual and soft -spoken attorney, whose beliefs might potentially clash with Will and Diane self-serving practices.
    There is more than what meets the eye, when it comes to Michael’s character, however. Under his pleasant and soft–spoken exterior Derrick also has a mind that can outmaneuver even his toughest opponents.
    He will become the newest mentor for the show’s main character Alicia.



    -Ju’lia Samuels




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