Obama speaks with Shirley Sherrod

    It was a busy day for Shirley Sherrod, who spoke with “Good Morning America,” “The View” and finally President Barack Obama.

    Shirley, the former USDA Director of Rural Development in Georgia, spoke with President Obama briefly this afternoon. During their seven-minute conversation Obama expressed his regret about how she came under fire after a misleading video made its way around the Internet, calling the entire fallout a disservice to her.

    Earlier this week, Shirley was unjustly ousted from her position at the USDA. The dismissal was the result of a video that showed her making seemingly racist remarks at an NAACP event.

    It was later discovered, however, that the controversial clip was cut from a much longer speech about how Shirley overcame her own issues with race. However, by the point the damage had been done and she was asked to tender her resignation immediately.

    In the days following her departure from the USDA, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack offered her an apology once the misunderstanding was clear up. The president vouched for Tom, stating that he feels the mea culpa was a sincere one. 

    Tom said that he would reconsider Shirley’s resignation, but it remains to be seen whether she would be willing to return to her position. The president is hopeful that she will continue her service, though.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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