Victoria Rowell airs out soap opera

    According to Victoria Rowell, the real drama was behind the scenes on “The Young and The Restless.”

    Victoria has been tweeting some major dirt about her days on set. Considering that the she played Drucilla for 17 years, she had time to dig up plenty of it! Victoria’s Twitter tirade started Wednesday with a comment about the “big sassy sister they have playing Malcolm’s Fiancée,” played by Julia Pace Mitchell.

    Presumably, Victoria’s not happy with how the character has been written and she thinks that has do with the writing staff’s supposed lack of diversity.
    “Young & Restless, STOP hiding behind the bubbles. After almost 4 DECADES, hire ONE AfricanAmerican writer for 1st time on #1 soap in USA,” Victoria challenged. “Hire ONE AfricanAmerican PRODUCER on #1 soap in USA supported by AA in the millions!”
    She went on to call out to show’s co-owners, stating, “Maria & Billy Bell, I’m curious how you went 2 Venice Bienniale, raised 4mln in one night but no salaries @HOME on Y&R for 1 black scribe. …It’s fraudulent that u smile & pose 4pictures with me, sit on Americans for the Arts board but won’t diversify Y&R 2the extent that u shld.”

    But the racial problems on the popular soap don’t end there, according to the soap opera diva. Apparently there were also problems in hair and makeup, so she suggested that the soap opera put some Black people on its glam squad.

    “Ppl r SHOCKED when I tell them @my own expense for YEARS I had 2get my hair done BEFORE hitting the set @Y&R,” she tweeted. “Imagine, watched by mlns of blks & no OVEN or IRONS at all!”

    Supposedly, there was a Black stylist on the show at point, but she only did Victoria’s hair and was made to leave before being given the chance to work on other cast members. Wardrobe posed another problem for Victoria, though.
    “Why was I asked by Y&R costume designer, Jennifer Johns to leave price tags in my clothes so she could return them to Neiman Marcus?” Victoria added. “Jennifer Johns was outraged when I told her I don’t leave price tags in my costumes. And asked if she had other YR actors do the same.”
    And Victoria recalled one incident of what she viewed as overt racism from one of her fellow actors that went unchecked. “When Melody Thomas Scott thought it was funny running around YR set with a clown AFRO wig before my scene I reported it. No one did a thing,” Victoria wrote.

    Reportedly, the inequality extended to the production staff.

    “Why did loyal African American Young and Restless production employee NORA WADE vanish w/possible GAG order & hush [money]?,” Victora questioned before revealing the answer. ”When she complained abt being passed over 4position she’d waited4. The job was awarded 2Melody T. Scott & Exec Prod Ed Scott’s daughter.”
    According to the actress Nora had trained the girl that was promoted ahead of her.
    Reps for the show have yet to comment on Victoria’s claims.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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