Willie takes your questions

    Willie Taylor is answering fan questions about Day26 directly on Twitter!

    Will announced that Day26 is coming out with a new album after their label jump and a change in their lineup, and he’s predicting big things. “THIS WILL BE THE BEST DAY26 ALBUM PERIOD!” He tweeted.

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Day26, and music lovers wanted to know what’s happened to them. Well, after sharing his good news, Will took a little extra time to answer questions about what the group has been up to since their last album.

    For example, one fan wanted to know whether there would ever be another season of “Making the Band 4.” “Only if they change the name and we Executive Produce it” he wrote. 

    Will also had to remind one fan that Day26 has moved to Atlantic Records after leaving Bad Boy. Others wanted to know whether the group had broken up. “NAW Not at all, just taking our time and doing this album the right way,” Will reassured.

    Fans also found out there wouldn’t be a replacement for ex-member Q. “Its already to many people in the group as it is,” Will said. “There are no hard feeling and we all still support him.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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