Seal working on sixth album

    R&B singer Seal is getting serious about his time in the sound booth as he preps his upcoming album, Seal 6: Commitment.
    It seems Seal is looking to celebrate his life with his next project, and lucky for him, the stability at home is letting him concentrate on making the album the best it can possibly be.
    “When all things in your life begin to align in the way they have for me over the past few years, you become incredibly focused,” Seal explained. “I love a challenge, and this for me, has been the greatest challenge of my career: to write an album that exceeds my own expectations.”
    The British crooner enlisted the help of producer David Foster for Seal 6: Commitment, which will be out on September 23. He’s the only one Seal trusted with the project.

    “Quite simply, he’s the most incredible person I’ve worked with in the studio for a very long time,” Seal said. “He’s one of a kind. I don’t think there’s an arranger and producer anywhere on the planet who can do what he does.”

    And David is just as big a fan of Seal’s. He’s confident the singer will be able to deliver a great product based on the talent and dedication Seal exhibited in the booth. 
    “He was in fearless, relentless pursuit of greatness,” David said of Seal. “No one was going to obscure his path. The album is full of beautiful musical surprises and his songwriting has never been better. He says it may be his best work yet and I think he may be right.”



    — Sonya Eskridge 




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