Wesley Snipes files motion 

    Wesley Snipes want to set the record straight about his recent conviction on tax charges.

    The actor’s camp issued a statement clarifying why he was sentenced to time behind bars. 

    “It continues to be misreported that Actor Wesley Snipes’ convictions were for tax evasions when in fact it was failure to file returns,” one of his reps said in a statement. “In a trial that lasted almost three weeks before an all white jury, [Wesley] was acquitted of all charges except three misdemeanors for failure to file.”

    Wesley was subsequently sentenced to three years in prison, and last week the government filed a motion that the court waive his bail and order him to report to lockup.

    However, Wesley’s legal team has now filed a motion to interview a juror who e-mailed the actor’s defense attorney after the trial ended, which is prohibited even when a case is closed. The unidentified juror claimed that three of his peers had already made up their mind that Wesley was guilty before the defense got to plead its case.

    Beyond that Ken Starr, a key witness in Wesley’s tax case, was arrested and charged with fraud for executing a ponzi scheme on other celebrities including Sylvester Stallone and Uma Thurman. Ken was also Wesley’s accountant, and it was argued that the actor had to leave Ken because he was one of those cheated. That lead him to seek tax representation elsewhere. But that’s not all.

    According to Wesley’s camp, “It is believed that Starr was under investigation by the same agency that was prosecuting Snipes – at the same time he was testifying for the government against Snipes.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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