EXCLUSIVE: Celebs coupled up for T.I. and Tiny’s wedding

    It definitely looked like love was in the air for some our favorite famous couples. But looks were deceiving in Monica’s case!

    While S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown was in Miami helping T.I. and Tiny celebrate their nuptials, she ran into Ashanti and Nelly, who appeared to have attended the wedding together. 

    They even wore matching gray ensembles. And from what we saw, Ashanti and Nelly were booed up at the high-profile reception, and they were having a great time slow dancing, hugging, eating and laughing.  

    Jamie also caught Angela Simmons and Bow Wow looking awfully cozy at one table together. This is the twosome’s latest public appearance, but neither of them has confirmed the relationship yet. Last time, they popped up at a fashion show together.

    But we do want to point out that the Angela and Bow Wow have been tweeting to each other a lot lately. That includes a Pastry plug from Bow Wow and a link to his blog that Angela posted today.   

    There’s no official word on whether Angela and Bow Wow were there as a couple, but it seems they were seated together.

    One pair that looked closer than they are is Monica and Maino. Whispers that the two are an item sparked after they appeared to be hugged up at T.I. and Tiny’s wedding, but the rumors are wrong. Maino himself told S2S that they are not together.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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