Ne-Yo snaps at gay rumors

    Ne-Yo’s tired of people saying he’s got a little extra sugar in his tea, so he’s sounding off about rumors that he’s gay.

    Up until now, Ne-Yo’s managed to ignore hearsay that he’s homosexual, but he just can’t hold his tongue anymore. In a recent radio interview that made its way to YouTube, he’s brushing of the rumors from “multiple blog sites” with a sarcastic shrug.

    “I’m convinced that it’s just because they can’t figure out anything else to say about me,” Ne-Yo said. “[It] kind of doesn’t make any sense because if you wanted to talk back about me, you could.”

    “Apparently, I’m gay,” he continued with a resigned tone to his voice. “Pretty much anybody that sings and has a penis is gay. I’m part of that elite squad.”

    Ne-Yo attributes his assumed sexuality to the fact that he’s not almost always in trouble, unlike some of the most notorious bad boys (and girls) in the music industry today.

    “I guess it’s because I’ve never shot a person, or talked about shooting a person, or had a desire to shoot a person that I’m gay,” he said before noting that he is having a child with a woman.
    Ne-Yo’s not sweating the rumors, though. “It’s part of the game,” he explained. “You’re gonna have to deal with rumors and the negativity that is. Just roll with the punches.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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