Jennifer Hudson covers ‘InStyle Makeover’

    Jennifer Hudson has whipped her body into shape, but not everyone is thrilled about her weight loss.
    J. Hud is now down to a sleek size 6 and she is showing off her new physique in the latest issue of InStyle magazine. She’s gracing the cover of the magazine in a curve hugging purple dress.
    Jennifer admits to the magazine that she feels that she is at a good natural weight. However, she confessed in the interview that her fiancé, David “Punk” Otunga, is not a fan of her new look.
    “David doesn’t like the change. He tells me I have no breasts anymore. He tries to feed me,” she told the magazine.
    While David might have liked Jen a little thicker, she talks about embracing her new physique, even going as far to discuss possible changes to her style.
    “I’m actually thinking about shaving my head," Jennifer admitted. "Because I feel I’ve got a good structure now [gingerly feels cheekbones]. My cousin’s a beautician, and she always tells me, ‘You could wear any hairdo.’ So I’m thinking, What if I shave my hair? Not completely off, but low. I think that would be so hot.”



    — Ju’lia Samuels




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