Kanye’s tweets illustrated

     Kanye West has quickly become such a Twitter phenomena that now his tweets are being turned into comics.

    Predicting Kanye’s tweets is so old—the new thing for users to do is pairing his posts with comics from The New Yorker. With exactly 190 posts under his belt as of press time, his 430,000+ followers have a lot of quotes to chose from.

    The trend seems to be illustrating some of his earlier tweets, but there are a few avant garde users that are going after his new posts. One comic even used a tweet referencing Kanye’s surprise visit to Rolling Stone, the latest stop on his impromptu promotional tour for his upcoming album.


    Not among Kanye’s tweets is the announcement of his recent guest appearance on a track called "Gifted" by a duo called N.A.S.A. Santigold also added her voice to the song.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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