LaLa helps ballers find love 

    LaLa’s helping eligible ballers find their partner with an upcoming dating show, “Love and Basketball.”
    The TV host is more than happy with her NBA hubby Carmelo Anthony, so she’s decided to hook up some other players in the league through a new reality dating competition.
    “It’s kind of like ‘The Bachelor’ for basketball players,” LaLa told S2S, adding that the show will feature three professional basketball players. “It kind of shows them dating and [doing] different things.”

    Some pros, such as Kevin Durant and Rasaul Butler, have already expressed an interest in starring on “Love and Basketball.” LaLa is also focused on getting the right kind of women for them to choose from. Don’t expect more of the same when it comes to the contestants, though, because LaLa is looking for women who offer more than a pretty face and party-girl attitude.

    “What I wanted to capture on the show is to kind of give people an inside look at the kind of women that are attracted to basketball players,” LaLa explained to S2S. “You always hear people use the term ‘groupie,’ but a lot of these women are educated, run companies CEOs.

    She continued, “They just, you know, really want to date a basketball player, but they still have their own thing. They’re not looking for a come up. “ 

    LaLa and Carmelo have teamed up with a powerful teammate behind the scenes as they’re producing “Love and Basketball” with Russell Simmons. 

    “We’ve already done our deal, so we’re just starting to put the pieces together. But, I was glad to find a home for it with Russell’s company,” she said. “Russel is a friend of mine, I’m super excited to do business with him, and I think it’s gonna be really good.”

    But what about the other show she and Carmelo were working on? Well, we hear that they’re still trying to get “The Sixth Man” off the ground. The show would take the best ballers from the street and give them a shot at a spot in the pros.
    “That ones moving a little slow just because we want to get the NBA involved as much as we can and that’s been a little tough,” LaLa told S2S. “But, hopefully, it’ll still go.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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