Will Packer presents ‘Takers’

    Will Packer can breath a sigh of relief now that his long-awaited action flick Takers has had its Hollywood premiere.
    Cast and crew for Takers walked the red carpet at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome in
    “It was a really good script and that’s what you gotta start with,” Will explained to S2S. “The script was strong, and when I got my hands on it I thought that I could bring some flavor to the casting.” 

    Will found some flavor when he tapped Idris Elba and Chris Brown for the film, both of whom he’s worked with twice before. The producer also brought Michael Ealy and T.I. onboard for Takers. All strong actors in their own right, the producer saw their casting as an opportunity to expand the Takers’ audience.
    “I thought that if we put together a really, really good looking group of guys—sexy bad boys—that women would respond and want to see it. Typically action is a male domain, but I knew that if we casted it and marketed it the right way, we would be able to broaden [our audience] and bring in women as well.”
    But what’s any good movie without a great leading lady? Enter Zoe Saldana. 

    “We have such good looking, strong male actors, we needed a female that could hold her own,” Will gushed. “Zoe, I tell you, she can literally do almost anything. She’s just that talented.”

    Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen and Matt Dillion also star in Takers, which reminds us a bit of the Ocean’s series. However Will assures us that Takers is distinctly different, even with its smart-alecky comedy.

    “Overall, I think it’s a satisfying movie. I think people will be pleased with it,” Will told S2S, pointing out that the film will be far from predictable. “There’s gonna be some surprises in there. It doesn’t all wrap up the way you might expect it to.”
    To see what surprises Will has in store for viewers, check out Takers when it hits theaters on August 27.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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