‘Housewives’ franchise makes D.C. debut


    “The Real Housewives of D.C.” just launched last night and its already stirring up controversy.

    We’ve been waiting to see the D.C. Housewives for months, and honesty we were pleased with the first episode. Although it’s not as explosive as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” or “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” we didn’t expect it to be. After all, this is a city where your past actions can create roadblocks for your future goals, so everyone is usually on their best behavior.
    That said, there was plenty of drama and catiness to please even the most discriminating of “Housewives” fans. And we’re not just talking about Michaele and Tareq Salahis unfortunate gate-crashing incident at the White House state dinner last year.

    For starters, Catherine Ommanney made some character comparisons between President Barack Obama and George W. Bush during a dinner party at fellow housewife Stacey Scott Turner’s home. 



    Policy be dammed, the statements appeared to be based on if the public officials who RSVP’d to her wedding to White House photographer Charles Ommanney. Oh, and whether or not Barack and George were on hand to see her husband win a prestigious award.
    Other guests at Stacey’s party were agape at her comments, and so were we! Who expects a sitting president to take time out of their busy schedule to stroke their ego and attend their parties? Clearly, Cat does, but she tried to clear the air with a blog post on Bravo’s website.
    “OK, if anyone is looking for me, I will be hiding behind the sofa tonight after being portrayed as an Obama-basher!” she wrote. “Yes, I was disappointed because of the no-show on awards night for my husband, but I’m a huge fan of the President.”
    Cat also took shots at Tyra Banks during the dinner, leading some viewers to wonder about the big-mouthed Brit’s views on race. Stacey is giving her the benefit of that doubt in that respect though.

    “Is she racist? ABSOLUTELY NOT!” Stacey wrote in her Bravo blog. “The two people mentioned just happen to be black. But self-absorbed? I thought so. Opinionated to the point of irritation? MOST DEFINITELY!”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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