Tank hosts intimate press dinner

    Many singers would squirm under the critical eyes and piercing questions of a group of journalists, but not Tank.
    Take away the elaborate stage layout, flashing lights and cheers of adoring fans and many singers would squirm under the critical eyes and piercing questions of a group of journalists.  Tank is not one of those artists.  

    The R&B singer-songwriter and producer, who has crafted his own hits (“Maybe I Deserve,”) along with those for others (Jamie Foxx, Monica) was refreshingly candid, humorous and down-to-earth as he hosted journalists, bloggers and tastemakers at New York City’s Chin-Chin restaurant. 
    Tank immediately charmed the group by demonstrating his French speaking skills and entertaining anecdotes, including growing up with Spanish as his first language, and how he achieved the best sleep ever with pills that knocked him out for 12 hours straight on a flight to Australia and more. 
    But it was on the topics of relationships, the state of R&B music and his forthcoming release, Now or Never, where Tank truly made an impression with his honest opinions.  Over cocktails, steamed shrimp and vegetable rolls, Tank noted that with his new album he is hoping to educate men and women on how to love.
    “My music is to teach,” said Tank. “Men have gotten away from appreciating women and taking care of business.  But also when a man is trying to do nice things for you let him.”
    After a three-year gap between albums, Tank is ready to not only teach listeners but also his fellow artists and industry executives a thing or two about R&B music. 
    “There is a war to keep real R&B alive and do music that inspires,” Tank explained. “Money and popularity is bringing down R&B and artists don’t want to sacrifice the popular moniker.  And it’s hard to push the right stuff when lawyers run record companies.  Now it’s just about the bottom line.  Music people need to run music companies.”
    At the end of the night, it became apparent that the bottom line for Tank is about taking advantage of his moment to shine with his new Atlantic Records deal and plans to embark on a 46-city tour in 30 days with fellow R&B acts, Musiq Soulchild and Dwele.
    “Now is the time for me to make the most of all the hard work I’ve put in up to this point,” Tank announced.
    With more displays of the confidence, charm and frankness he displayed that evening, Tank just may make the most of all his efforts this time around.



    – Souleo




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